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Open Website of The Week: Ground Report

GroundReport is a news platform, which was named one of the most promising social enterprises by BusinessWeek in 2009. Founded in 2006 by the first Chief Digital Officer of NYC, Rachel Sterne (who was then only 22 years old), this global and open iniciative is enriched by the participation of more than 7000 international reporters.

's main aim is to democratize the media. It is an open website that fosters the open journalism: any reporter can send his news or his opinion article, which will be strictly vetted by the staff, and if it passes the scrutiny, it will be sent to publication. Reporters retain rights of their work and can choose from a range of diferent Creative Commons licenses and get paid depending on story traffic. The element that distinguishes GroundReport is that it can covers news from a hiperlocal perspective, on-the-ground, in direct contact with what's happening.

Another social enterprise that empowers and gives visibility to citizenry. Register and submit your news!



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